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-5th January 2022

From January 2022, we will have a room at Beaconsfield Town FC! This will be offered for those who don't want/ require treatment at their own home, and would like a place to receive treatment and a place for rehabilitation. Get in touch today to be one of the first to experience the new clinic space.

-16th October 2021

With the development of the Beaconsfield Town FC stadium wrapping up in the coming weeks, we will soon be able to use the Physiotherapy Room/ Clinic Room for private clientele. This also means that for those who are sports-focused, we have the use of the new pitch for rehabilitation practise as well!

-8th July 2021

Dominic (Head Therapist) is now the Head Sports Therapist at Beaconsfield Town FC. After being with the club throughout University, he has now taken responsibility of all matchday duties with players and injuries!

-29th March 2021

Finally plans to get back into football! Anytime Therapy will be helping out with football trials of potential young up-and-coming athlete's, providing the Pitch Side Emergency Aid.  If you are an organiser, or know of any events, which require Pitch Side Assistance, please do get in touch!

If you are a Lead Organiser and would like a Sports Therapist to help out, please do get in touch!

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